Locksmith Alert: Front Street Facility Solutions Complaints, Reviews

Have you done business with Front Street Facility Solutions? A simple Google search brings up many complaints about Front Street Facility Solutions not paying their vendors and locksmiths. If you have a review of this company please comment and share your experience.

List Of Places To Advertise Your Locksmith Service

Here are the top 17 places you can list your locksmith company for SEO and more business.

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What does D.A. Mean in SEO? Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). …Domain Authority is calculated by evaluating multiple factors, including linking root domains and number of total links, into a single DA score.

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You have a locksmith service small or large and some days you are slammed with calls and on top of the game making great money, then all of a sudden you hit a dry spell and get no calls for a few days. Welcome to the locksmith rollercoaster. There is a solution to this problem and it has everything to do with your search engine, social media, and overall search marketing technique. The lack of call are NOT because people are NOT in need of your service, they ARE simply calling one of your competitors. Why are they passing you up? Why are they not calling you? Can they always find your Google and Other listings?

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Did you know just because you see your locksmith listing when you search the term “locksmith” on your phone – Does not mean that is what others see! Due to Google’s  Geographic Search Algorithm, Google’s Proximity Algorithm, Frequent Visitor Algorithm, Tracking Algorithm, and many others – You see your listing pop up higher than others in your service areas.

You may have nice looking website and you may shell out monthly or yearly money for listings on the internet to help boost your local search presence. But if you are having extreme highs and lows in service calls, something is not aligned properly within the way you are listed or marketing your brand online.

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Pump or Pick – Bypass A House Door Lock With Air Wedge

Unlock A House or Residential/Business Door With An Air Wedge!

Some Locks are hard to pick and some like the Smartkey Lock Products by Kwikset are very hard to open without damaging the lock itself or maybe to ran up on a Medeco Doorknob. There are a few ways to bypass a door lock and many locksmiths to my suprise do not use the Air Wedge (Pump) on exterior/interior doors. The air wedge or pump that locksmiths use to pump open car doors can be used to pump open house doors as well. The pump creates a nice gap on most doors that allows you to easily fit a bypass tool in to the door to manipulate “jimmy” the lock (This works on doorknobs only and not  on deadbolts).

  1. Slide your pump wedge in the side of the door and scoot it about 1 ft above the knob.
  2. Start pumping until you see some hardware or a nice gap.
  3. Use a tool or even a putty knife to side in to the gap
  4. Feel around for the hardware and give it a few shoves! It should pop open.
  5. If the first try doesn’t pop it let some air out of the wedge – There may be too much tension on the lock – Put your tool in place then let air out a bit to free up some movement.
  6. Putty knives that you find at hardware stores work great – cheap flexible (but strong) ones are good.
  7. Sometime to pumps above and below the knob can pop the door open without any other tools.

Check out this video – He pumps the door until it pops open on its own without other tools. (Works on doors with lots of “play”)

Is MinuteKey Kiosk & Service a Scam?

MinuteKey Kiosk and Locksmith Service Complaints

Comment And Tell Us Your Experience With Minutekey or Thoughts

Here is a company that provides a key duplication kiosk service. MinuteKey can be found in many retail locations including Lowe’s hardware store and other hardware stores similar to Home Depot and possibly in Walmart and other locations.

The kiosk service provided by minutekey allows you to walk up with a key and create a duplicate key or copy of the key you insert into the machine. This service claims that their key copies are guaranteed To work, remember this does not mean that the key is going to work in fact, it just means that they will possibly refund your money if you can prove that their machine made a key that does not work. you will have to provide some sort of purchase receipt or proof of purchase to receive a refund. There will be loops to jump through to get your refund.

What surprises me is that people will use these minutekey kiosks services at a hardware store where there is a key counter and a qualified professional (Human) that can make them a key duplicated using a real machine that is designed to be operated by a human that can verify the key matches up well with your primary key. If there is a problem with a key made by a store employee the store will help you fix the issue, the kiosk service is nother story.

minutekey reviews

Minute Key Inc (MinuteKey Kiosk Owner) Company Profile

Corporate Information

4760 Walnut St Ste 105
Boulder, CO 80301
United States
Phone: 1-800-539-7571
Web url: minutekey.com
Founded: 2008
Incorporated: COLORADO
Annual Revenue:: $17,747,646.00
Employee Count: 64
Industries: Manufacturing – Keysetting Machines
Contacts: Randall Fagundo (CEO)

The Registered Agent for the Corporation Minute Key Inc. is:

The Corporation Company
7700 E Arapahoe Rd Ste 220, Centennial, CO 80112-1268, United States
(This is where you send notice of lawsuits/court papers if you were to sue or subpoena Minute Key Inc.)

(A registered agent is a responsible third-party who is registered in the same state in which a business entity was established and who is designated to receive service of process notices, correspondence from the Secretary of State, and other official government notifications, usually tax forms and notice of lawsuits)

Minutekey Is Not A Licensed Locksmith Provider and subs out lockout calls to unlicensed “locksmiths”

Minutekey Is Using “locksmith” category for their Kiosk Location Listings and advertising a toll free number that provides locksmith services.

What the MinuteKey company actually does is steal licensed locksmith business. They advertise a toll-free number (Offering Lockout Services) on their kiosk Google business listings. When someone searches Google for a locksmith locally a minutekey kiosk location will show up in the search results. This listing will have a toll-free number and a local customer will call the toll-free number looking for a locksmith.  The minute key operator will ask them what they need help with and put them on hold. The minute he operator will then call a real local locksmith and get a price quote and put the locksmith on hold. The operator will then tell the customer a price that is double what the locksmith is charging. The operator then takes a credit card over the phone, And simply middlemans a deal. The caller could have just called the local locksmith and got the work done for half the cost all the while minutekey is posing as a licensed locksmith in your local area when they are not. Most toll-free numbers advertised on Google for locksmith services are simply middlemen, that hike rates up more than double what a locksmith would charge.

Comment And Tell Us Your Experience With Minutekey or Thoughts

Locksmith Tips To Stop Cancellations and Gone On Arrivals

  1. After hours calls, long drives, shady calls should all prepay you by phone with a credit card and after they pay tell them it is non-refundable unless you can’t get them in their car after driving, even if they call and cancel they are charged for the drivetime not the service. Tell them once they pay there is no cancellation or a 50% cancel fee.
  2. Ask if they are waiting on anyone else or plan on trying to get in the car or home themselves. If they say yes then they become HIGH RISK of canceling. Maybe tell them you wont come until they have exhausted all other options.
  3. Give Honest ETA – Tell the truth on how long you will take to get there so you can see if they are impatient. If you are going to be 1 hour do not dare tell a lockout caller you will be about 20 minutes. They take time estimates to heart and will call you in 19 minutes to ask here you are.
  4. If it is a long drive call them when you are half way there and tell them you are almost there and to be looking for you to pull up soon. An extra call can divert their anxiousness.
  5. Always call back immediately and and confirm they gave you a real phone number to avoid pranksters or competitors sabotaging your schedule.locksmith-goa-stop-cancel

Bad Locksmith Customer Calls

Bad Locksmith Customer Calls:

Caller (Lockedout Apartment) – What y’all charge im locked out??!
Locksmith: Locked out of a car or home?
Caller: My Apartment man! How much?
Locksmih: Where is it located sir?
Caller: These Apartments.
Locksmith: Sorry sir which apartments, whats the name of the apartments?
Caller: If I told you you still wouldn’t know here it is.
Locksmith: How about the address sir?
Caller: Pine Ridge
Locksmith: Ok sir we will figure that part out – The cost is $80 on Sundays to unlock any residence.
Caller: F*$ck It – I’m just going to kick the DOOR in.
Locksmith: Have a good day sir.
Call Ends.

COMMENT ON THIS!! As a locksmith do you get some funny strange rude or odd calls – I’m going to start adding all mine here in text format or as videos when I can. 

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