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You have a locksmith service small or large and some days you are slammed with calls and on top of the game making great money, then all of a sudden you hit a dry spell and get no calls for a few days. Welcome to the locksmith rollercoaster. There is a solution to this problem and it has everything to do with your search engine, social media, and overall search marketing technique. The lack of call are NOT because people are NOT in need of your service, they ARE simply calling one of your competitors. Why are they passing you up? Why are they not calling you? Can they always find your Google and Other listings?

  • Locksmith SEO 
  • Locksmith Marketing 
  • Get More Locksmith Calls
  • Increase Lockout calls 
  • Get Busy – Stay Busy 
  • We make your phone ring!

Did you know just because you see your locksmith listing when you search the term “locksmith” on your phone – Does not mean that is what others see! Due to Google’s  Geographic Search Algorithm, Google’s Proximity Algorithm, Frequent Visitor Algorithm, Tracking Algorithm, and many others – You see your listing pop up higher than others in your service areas.

You may have nice looking website and you may shell out monthly or yearly money for listings on the internet to help boost your local search presence. But if you are having extreme highs and lows in service calls, something is not aligned properly within the way you are listed or marketing your brand online.

We have generated 1000’s of locksmith calls and build locksmith businesses out of thin air many times. Contact us to get started!






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