Pump or Pick – Bypass A House Door Lock With Air Wedge

Unlock A House or Residential/Business Door With An Air Wedge!

Some Locks are hard to pick and some like the Smartkey Lock Products by Kwikset are very hard to open without damaging the lock itself or maybe to ran up on a Medeco Doorknob. There are a few ways to bypass a door lock and many locksmiths to my suprise do not use the Air Wedge (Pump) on exterior/interior doors. The air wedge or pump that locksmiths use to pump open car doors can be used to pump open house doors as well. The pump creates a nice gap on most doors that allows you to easily fit a bypass tool in to the door to manipulate “jimmy” the lock (This works on doorknobs only and not  on deadbolts).

  1. Slide your pump wedge in the side of the door and scoot it about 1 ft above the knob.
  2. Start pumping until you see some hardware or a nice gap.
  3. Use a tool or even a putty knife to side in to the gap
  4. Feel around for the hardware and give it a few shoves! It should pop open.
  5. If the first try doesn’t pop it let some air out of the wedge – There may be too much tension on the lock – Put your tool in place then let air out a bit to free up some movement.
  6. Putty knives that you find at hardware stores work great – cheap flexible (but strong) ones are good.
  7. Sometime to pumps above and below the knob can pop the door open without any other tools.

Check out this video – He pumps the door until it pops open on its own without other tools. (Works on doors with lots of “play”)

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