Bad Locksmith Customer Calls

Bad Locksmith Customer Calls:

Caller (Lockedout Apartment) – What y’all charge im locked out??!
Locksmith: Locked out of a car or home?
Caller: My Apartment man! How much?
Locksmih: Where is it located sir?
Caller: These Apartments.
Locksmith: Sorry sir which apartments, whats the name of the apartments?
Caller: If I told you you still wouldn’t know here it is.
Locksmith: How about the address sir?
Caller: Pine Ridge
Locksmith: Ok sir we will figure that part out – The cost is $80 on Sundays to unlock any residence.
Caller: F*$ck It – I’m just going to kick the DOOR in.
Locksmith: Have a good day sir.
Call Ends.

COMMENT ON THIS!! As a locksmith do you get some funny strange rude or odd calls – I’m going to start adding all mine here in text format or as videos when I can. 

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