Locksmith Tips To Stop Cancellations and Gone On Arrivals

  1. After hours calls, long drives, shady calls should all prepay you by phone with a credit card and after they pay tell them it is non-refundable unless you can’t get them in their car after driving, even if they call and cancel they are charged for the drivetime not the service. Tell them once they pay there is no cancellation or a 50% cancel fee.
  2. Ask if they are waiting on anyone else or plan on trying to get in the car or home themselves. If they say yes then they become HIGH RISK of canceling. Maybe tell them you wont come until they have exhausted all other options.
  3. Give Honest ETA – Tell the truth on how long you will take to get there so you can see if they are impatient. If you are going to be 1 hour do not dare tell a lockout caller you will be about 20 minutes. They take time estimates to heart and will call you in 19 minutes to ask here you are.
  4. If it is a long drive call them when you are half way there and tell them you are almost there and to be looking for you to pull up soon. An extra call can divert their anxiousness.
  5. Always call back immediately and and confirm they gave you a real phone number to avoid pranksters or competitors sabotaging your schedule.locksmith-goa-stop-cancel

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