Unlock 2009 Honda Civic Without Key – Keys Locked in car

Unlocking A 2009+ Honda Civic – Locksmith Lockout Tip


The other day I had an issue using the standard bypass method on a 2009 Honda Civic. Usually on Civics I use a wedge, pump, and reach pole to (VERY EASILY) manipulate the manual lock near the door handle or press the electronic unlock button. The problem on some of these Honda Civics is the distance to the lock area is very far away and you lose the torque in your reach pole and it becomes hard to move or push any locks. unlock-locked-car-door-civic





If you can not get the reach pole to open the manual lock inside or press the unlock button which will not work if armed with fob anyway (usually), you will need to lift the TRUNK lever on the floor of the driver side. You will need to wedge the door on the top of the door as far to the right as you need or can and then drop your reach pole straight down. Lifting the trunk lever to open the trunk is easy with a Reach Tool.


After you lift the trunk release  you will be able to lower the rear seat from inside the trunk to get in the car. There is a seat release pull on the inside roof of the trunk on the right side of trunk – you will need to pull the cord and the seat will drop!

2013 Honda Civic EX-L Sedan.

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