Top 5 Things Every Locksmith HATES!

Here is a list of the top 5 everyday complaints we here from our locksmith colleagues.


  1. GOA! Gone on arrival – When a locksmith gets up and moving after hours or anytime for that matter and drives 20 minutes to help someone and they are not there (gone) – Without calling and telling the locksmith (Or Canceling  After You Drove 20 Miles Already) some customers get help elsewhere and disappear, thus robbing the locksmith of valuable time. Time they may have been spending with family or other clients. Losing not only the time used but also the gas and other resources used to travel to the location and back to their headquarters. Very rude of clients to do this.
  2. Mis-Information From Client – Locksmith gets a call that you are locked out of your house and you tell them you just locked a basic simple doorknob and when the locksmith arrives you have commercial grade fortknox worthy medeco lock with a booby trapped bomb on it (or maybe Just a Medeco 11‑R63 6‑Pin Double Cylinder) Either Way some customers just give bad info, no matter how specific you are with questions.
  3. I do not have any money HELP ME! – Ok I understand people can be short on money from time to time. But as a locksmith and business we need to be paid right?!  – Well there is always that “lock-out” caller that says can you bill me or can I pay you on friday when I get paid or can I post date you a check? Or sorry I don’t have any money on me right now (after you drove to help them). Or there is also the one that feels entitled to FREE help and acts like a locksmith is a public service like the police or firemen.  (I have helped some people at no cost by choice but it is usually a very rare occurrence like very elderly or obviously (VERY) struggling single mother or disabled person.)
  4. 35 Minutes – 45 Minutes WHERE ARE YOU – Scenario: Client calls locked out of car 20 miles away from you. Your GPS estimated a 34 minute drive. You tell client 35-45 minutes to arrive. 30 minutes pass and you get the call “Yall On The Way”… Then 40 minutes pass you get another call “You Still Coming”…. As you pull in to help the client you get another call!! The most frustrating part is that we are hurrying and already prob. stressed out from the day and the client interrupts you phone’s GPS and slows you down by calling so much. I know they are anxious to get back in their car or home but a locksmith can not teleport location to location. Usually if I am running late or behind the ETA quoted I call the client and tell them how much longer.
  5. Double Booking! – Client calls 2 or 3 locksmiths and has 2 on the way to help – They double booked – You pull up and see a competitor or colleague already there! Or you are working to unlock the car and another locksmith pulls up! This is very unfair and rude of a client to do. SO what is the the solution?? Well many locksmiths agree to split the call (Money), Some tell the other locksmith to take a hike and deal with it,  I have even heard of both locksmiths leaving and not helping the “client” (My favorite).

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