Must Have: Locksmith Plug Spinner or Reverse Tool (VIDEO)

Must have tool for all locksmiths – Plug Spinner

If you are a locksmith or lock picking hobbyist you need to have a plug spinner or plug reverse tool (Plug Reverse Gun) in your tool bag. A plug spinner tool is used when you pick a lock in the wrong direction, it allows you to spin the plug all the way around to the unlock position. Picking a lock the wrong direction happens frequently and if you spend 5 minutes or 10 minutes (or more) on picking a difficult lock the wrong way you will have to re-pick it  the otherway if you do not have a plug reverse tool. Also note that some locks will pick open one way easier than the other. The plug reverse tool lets you spin a plug all the way around and will not damage the lock. They are generally inexpensive tools made by a few companies including KLOM, HPC, and others.


Video of a plug spinning tool in action:

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