5 Offline Marketing Ideas For Locksmiths 


Figuring out how to drive fresh daily calls to your locksmith service can be an exhausting task and with an immediate service industry like emergency locksmith services you really need to be in front of people the moment they look up someone for help or already in their mind as an option.

Many locksmith companies rely Heavily on GOOGLE listings (Places/Maps) for business. I have had several locksmiths tell me they actually went out of business or are about to because Google has limited their exposure or dropped their listing completely. Yes Google is a must but without them you should still get daily calls.

Here are 5 Ways To Market you locksmith company Offline

hot-iconBusiness card magnets are Effective. I had on of my locksmith clients order 5000 business card sized magnets and stuck hundreds of them on his Van and had a larger magnet that said “Take One – You May Need Us Soon”… Everywhere he went people would grab a magnet off his van! Genius idea. I will post a link soon to photos and a link of where you can buy cheap magnets online.

Apparel like shirts hats hoodies and more are not just for big companies anymore and they work. Keeping your name in front of people is key to branding. Everyone who remembers you may refer someone one day. A simple t-shirt with your business name on it can lead to more business!

branding-marketingYour vehicle is a traveling sales and marketing machine! Your work vehicle probably has thousands of eyeballs stuck on it daily. If you are not using your vehicle as advertising space you are losing out big time! Get a vehicle wrap if it is in your budget. If not, use door magnets and one in the back or rear of your vehicle. I will add a link to the cheapest BEST magnets you can buy online soon!

Fleet Of Mobile Ads! Good one here! I do this personally and it works. This kind of overlaps with vehicle magnets listed above but is such a good tip that works I wanted to share it with you. One day I looked in my garage and noticed I had 2 spare sets of car advertising magnets  I never use and thought I should have my friend “Bill” put a pair on his daily driver (Pick-Up Truck), Then I put the other extra set on my Wife’s SUV. I got a couple of calls from it because the caller said they saw me at a place where I was not and it lit a fire under me to order 10 sets of magnets and I had a goal to find 10 people to put the on their cars locally for me. I now have 12 daily drivers zipping around town for me advertising! This REALLY works! If you have a lot of friends or family that will let you use their vehicle for advertising space – DO IT! – If you need to find cars just run an ad on craigslist offering free lock-out services and a few bucks a month (SOMEONE WILL ANSWER) just be sure you pick your drivers carefully – You do not want a road rage type representing your name out there. A spin off of this using bumper stickers would work also if you could figure out how to get 100 bumpers to carry your ad! (Sounds Cheesy? It works $$).

Say no to expensive phone book Ads! But say yes to small-time niche local tabloids and papers and direct print marketing. I run print ads in senior news magazines and “City Magazines” that have cheap display ads. Older Age demographics like to read from what they call “PAPER” (remember that stuff) Joking… But print marketing still works and are good for branding your name in your area. Senior Citizens make up a good portion of many locksmiths clientele. Offer a FREE home security consult for seniors and show them ways people can break in their home. I get a lot lock upgrades with this tactic and a lot of lock-out business from senior marketing.

We have much more to share this is just some off of the top ideas that we use to market. Stay tuned in to our blog for our new videos on locksmith marketing. 

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