lock manufactures can't help -who's up for the challenge?  


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14/07/2018 12:33 am  

I need to remove the Thumbturn from the lock at the link below and replace the hole with a blank faceplate. or.. do the same on a different brand that has the same functionality and isn't outrageously expensive. this will be used on an interior door and does not need to be strong to keep people out, just a deterrent. 

**purpose: will be used to lock a basement full of classrooms when not in use but must stay unlocked when the space is in use. by removing the thumb turn, the only way for the door to be locked while people are inside is if someone locks it from the outside and if that occurs then those people can get out because this in an interconnected handle for egress.  
*we don't want an adult to have the ability to take a child into the basement and lock the door behind them. regular latches with locks can be locked from the outside using a key and then slammed (pulled) shut behind them to effectively lock the door. Using a deadbolt design eliminates this possibility. 

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11/11/2019 12:17 pm  

Children can't unlock the door until the lock is in their range so ask locksmith to install the door lock far from the children's range.


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