i don't know how to install a cogwheel cylinder lock, please help!  


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24/06/2019 1:12 am  

i had a "Euro profile" cylinder lock which was damaged when someone tried to break into my home, so i decided to order another cylinder lock online, except that i made a mistake and ordered a "Cogwheel" cylinder lock, instead of a euro profile one.

i don't know anything about locks and thought that they'd be the same, but now i realize that the new cylinder would not fit into the hole where my old "euro profile" cylinder was, because the cogwheel would get in the way and prevent the new cylinder form being slotted into the tiny hole on the door

so i tried looking on youtube for a video tutorial on how to install a cogwheel cylinder lock, but not a single one exists! there's not even a text tutorial....how can this be?

my friend suggested that i unscrew the door handle and see if i can slot it in there, but i don't want to accidentally break the door. so i hired an old locksmith but he says he's never seen a cogwheel type cylinder lock before so he refuses to help me install it!

so what am i supposed to do? should i send the cogwheel back to get a refund? or is there a way to install it?

please let me know if its possible to install a cogwheel cylinder. thank you so much for your help!

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