Doorknob Installation Tips  


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26/10/2018 11:25 am  

Hey, I'm Willis from Toronto.
We just changed our bedroom doorknob last week as the lock was jammed and not responding even when we try to open the door.

So we went to buy the doorknob from a nearby locksmith service. They have many doorknobs from the common to the very fanciful one. They also provide almost all kind of locksmith services.  But the cost of getting them to fix the doorknob was really high. 

Since we wanted to minimize the cost. We decided to install it ourselves. But we don't know much about these kinds of stuff. 

So if anyone ever installed doorknobs on their own.
Please share your experience and suggestions down below.



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08/11/2018 1:16 pm  

Install the strike plate on the door jamb. Insert the latch in the door, making sure the beveled part faces the jamb. If necessary, use a piece of wood and hammer to tap the latch into the mortise. ...Insert the outside knob or lever into the appropriate hole in the latch. Align the holes on the inside knob or lever and secure with screws. Check to make sure the lockset works and make any necessary adjustments. Depending on your type of hardware, there may be additional steps required to configure the lockset. but I hope this method will help you to install a lock

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