Advice for how to handle getting locked out of your home  


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27/09/2018 8:35 pm  

I recently got locked out of my home when coming home from work. It was a very stressful experience because I have two dogs that needed my attention and I couldn't find my key. I ended up going to my neighbor's home to get a spare key I left with her. I was so glad she was home because I was really nervous. I learned in the future I will hide a copy of my key in my garage so I no longer need to rely on my neighbor for help. I found an article online that has good tips on what to do in case your locked out... https://housetipster.com/housetips/689/what-to-do-when-youre-locked-out-of-your-house  

Does anyone else have helpful tips on what to do in case you're locked out of your home? 


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