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Hopefully I can get this answer from Joe, his technique is some  of  the best and cleansest ive ever seen.  anyhow, heres the question.  I noticed today that i have my pick at an angle to the strings,  i was  wondering if there are any  benefits of having the pick parallel to the strings?  it felt really awkward to have the pick parallel.  either way i need some way to clean up my picking,  cuz thats  whats holding me back, anyone have any technique exercizes or drills that have helped clean there sound up and freed your picking hand?   cuz to be honest, my picking hand doesnt feel comfortable at all.  i use 11 gauge strings  and a heavy pick,  maybe thats it,  but i love the tone out of  it.  peace.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.


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