I have a very old sentry safe. It's all black with a simple plate that says sentry safe and a combination lock. It's ridiculously heavy and the handle has been broken off so I can't get the serial number and I don't know where the model number is...  


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03/10/2017 4:44 pm  

I really want to open this safe without breaking it. I've looked and there's literally ten different ways to open a three number combination lock. I'm hoping I can show a picture to you guys and you'll recognize the model and know how to open it. I've tried clockwise, counter clockwise and all the possible ways I can think of to open a safe. It's over thirty years old atleast and I want to open it and see if the couple that lived here left any treasures behind. Please help. Here's a picture of it. My email is bigkid845@gmail.com. My cell is 8452695340. 

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04/01/2018 5:26 am  

whats your question?


your not even a locksmith. lol


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