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Here is an interesting company (FiveYellow.com) that we found advertising Locksmith Reputation Management and I have seen many successful locksmiths using these services with great results. As with most local locksmith services, you probably rely on Google (mostly) and other online listings to get you a steady flow of business and service calls. Having a low star rating on websites or no star rating at all can hurt your business profits. This is a service that “games” the review system in your favor! They basically sell a service to review your company with 5 star ratings across the web.

You might be asking  yourself “Why would someone buy online reviews?”. Well the truth is people are USUALLY not motivated to leave you a good review no matter how happy they are with your service. On the other hand, YOU WILL GET BAD REVIEWS if you make a mistake or upset a client. People do not go out of their way to share good experiences. But if you anger someone they will spend their precious time to get even with you by leaving a nasty review online.




Hiring a service help you with your online reputation is very common these days. The benefits of using a review service or reptation company go way beyond just making your company look better and more trustworthy. You will get more business, rank higher on search, get more good reviews, and be less stressed.

What Happens When You Get More 5 Star Reviews

• Your Star Rating Goes Up (Looks Good)
• Increases Trust
• Will Bury/Hide BAD Reviews (Repair)
• Your “G” listing will show up more
• You will rank higher on search
• Get More Calls/Business (Profits)
• Attracts More Positive Reviews (Social)
• You will get more Recommendations
• You Can Hold Your Head High.
• You Will Not Be Embarrassed By Bad Reviews!

For more details on FiveYellow – Visit them online at FiveYellow.com 


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