Did Google Remove Your Locksmith Google Places Business Listing?

Locksmith Listing Removed From Google?

Restore your locksmith listing on Google with the help of Locksmith Profits search marketing engineer team.


The most frustrating thing that can happen to your local locksmith business is having your Google Listing deleted or suspended by Google. Google has been very aggressive in regards to locksmith services spamming search engines and creating massive amounts of ‘SPAMMY” locksmith listings across the USA. Legitimate locksmith listings and companies are sometimes caught in the crossfire, and your listing was probably one of them.


Google can delete/suspend a locksmith listing for many reasons. Some of the most common reasons include the following

  • Inaccurate Information
  • Reports From Consumers Claiming Your Listing Is “BAD” or business is closed or never existed.
  • Using A Mailbox Store, UPS Store, Or Virtual Address, as your business address.
  • Your Company Name Contains Your Location Name! Example: Miami Locksmith service  
  • Reviewing Yourself On Google Too Much Or Manipulating The Review System. If you want to boost your reviews use a professional service like FiveYellow – Do not leave Reviews on your own listings.
  • There are dozens of reasons your listing can be removed. Relax! We can get you back on Google and get you ranking in the top 3 rotation for local locksmith searches.

We provide search marketing service to locksmith companies and locksmiths – We know what we are doing when it comes to getting locksmiths more phone calls. You must be on Google’s top 3 local rotation to get fresh calls every day and even every hour! We can help you build a stronger search presence and we can get your company back on Google (Multiple Listing Service Available).






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