Ferrandino & Son Reviews – Facility Company Scam?

Locksmith and Facility Company Scams – Non Payment issues and scam allegations

Have you done business with Ferrandino and son, Inc. Gregory Dytka, Amy Donovan???


We have had a few readers email us about Ferrandino and son, Inc. a facility company that hires local hard working locksmiths and allegedly DOES NOT PAY THEM. Many of these facility companies have loops to jump through to get your payment and recently Ferrandino and sons told us (we spoke to them by phone) that they recently changes their invoice or payment procedure. They even claimed to prepay with credit card in some cases. I am sure that is their last resort when they can not find a vendor.

Doing a simple Google search on their name will produce a ton of negative mentions and complaints.


Have you done business or worked with Ferrandino and son, Inc. as a locksmith? Leave a comment and tell others about your experience. 


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