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Locksmiths & Contractors Beware Of Possible Scams

As a locksmith you are sure to get call from facility companies or property maintenance companies that act as a middleman between  retail chains, big box stores, retail franchises, and corporations. The problem with some of these companies is THEY DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO AVOID PAYING YOU!


Is Cwi Maintenance A Scam? – Is Hillside Construction Ripping Contractors Off? – Does James E. Parrish on these purported scam operations?

One “SCAM” (As many have called them) company that is allegedly notorious for “Ripping Off” Locksmiths and Contractors is CWI MAINTENANCE in DeLand Florida (FL) which recently started using another name as well called HILLSIDE CONSTRUCTION or HILLSIDE CONTRACTING in DeLand FL. These 2 names are ran by the same man James E. Parrish, whether or not this is an alias of the owner is unknown.  The company has also used these names to apparently hide behind MJP, G&M, DOWNSOUTH, HILLSIDE, MOUTAIN VIEW, STORM FRONT, NATIONAL MAINTENANCE AND BUILD OUT, BRUTUS CONSTRUCTION.

Have you been contacted by or done business with these people?

Cwi Maintenance
305 E New York Ave
DeLand, FL 32724

111 e church st
DeLand, Florida

Other Address:

Owner: James E. Parrish

Phone: 386-479-4293
Phone2: 386-456-7391
Phone3: 386-873-4859


Lets see what others are saying about this outfit “company”:

An online user posted a scam complaint: 

We did work in Henderson NC for a payless store, store number 4648 located at 1522 Dabney Dr, through Hillside/Cwi. The work order was to replace eight tiles for water damage, which we did, we then noticed 2 more that were slightly damaged and wanted them to match (out of courtesy of our company) we painted those two, this was not on the work order it was done of no charge to increase the appearance of the store.
Cwi then recalled it due to the corporate of Payless saying we needed to go back, not an issue, but we would need a separate work order due to this being for the two that was painted, not the ones originally on the work order to be replaced. CWI’s owner James got on the phone, used quite a few unprofessional words, threatening our owner Richard, saying perverted things about his wife, and then they cancelled the work order saying we would not get paid for ANY of the work that was completed!
we have tried to settle this several times and the owner will not even call us back!
Months of running free estimates for this company, and this is our thank you??
what a joke!
and the ONLY employee with have knowledge of customer service was Alison, the rest had the same careless attitude, and no respect for others.
I wouldnt recommend anyone to work for this company, or to hire them for ANY REASON!

One User Owed over 5k! 

As of now we are owed over 5grand from various work orders, that was just the most recent, good decision on not working with them! We have tried a few times to call payless but no return call, I guess they are fine with that type of company managing their properties!

David said he was taken!

I think they got me too, I am about to call TJ maxx corp and let them know also

Locdoc got burned by CWI / Hillside he claims!

CWI got me on $302.38 of material and labor for some door repair at an IHOP in Greenville, NC. Work was completed on 9-15-15 and still no communication with them as of 3-21-16. I happen to be in the IHOP manger office doing some work that they called me in for a few days later and saw the work order from CWI, the work i charged $302.38 was inflated to over $1400.00 by CWI to IHOP for the work i did.

Paul got hit hard and shares his story online!

The got us with two of their companies they go by (Mountainview Construction & National Maintenance Contractors) for Homegoods and TJ Maxx here in NY. The harass us constantly calling multiple times an hour to confirm an appointment and requesting a quote (while I’m working on it as they call). We did the work on the elevator at the Homegoods store for over $3k from November – still waiting on payment and get the runaround every time out bookkeeper calls for collections. We also did work for them at TJ Maxx (we didn’t realize it was the same company at first). They called us back on a “recall” FOUR TIMES and each time was an issue completely separate from the original work. Someone else at some point (not from our company) punched a hole in the elevator gate and patched it up POORLY with a piece of sheet metal, and now they’re trying to blame us for this work. And the last straw – they demanded we send someone out there for this “recall” and I explained we may not be able to get someone there today and the rep on the phone stated that if we don’t send someone that they will back-charge us for having to send another company. At that point I told them we’re never working with them again and no amount of money is worth working with these people. We work with other facilities maintenance companies and have never experienced such a nightmare! I’m actually surprised that other people are having similar issues with them.

One user says:

Hostile environment, employees get nasty with technician if they don’t say the right thing. Contractors get harassed daily. Not worth it

An Ex CWI Employee Tells All 

Hey to anyone who does their research!!! I USED TO WORK FOR CWI MAINTENANCE AKA MJP, G&M, DOWNSOUTH, HILLSIDE, MOUNTAIN VIEW, STORM FRONT, NATIONAL MAINTENANCE AND BUILD OUT, BRUTUS CONSTRUCTION and MANY MORE NAMES I AM SURE OWNER JAMES HAS CAME UP WITH SINCE I LEFT!! DO NOT, , I REPEAT DO NOT DO ANY WORK FOR ANY OF THESE COMPANIES!!! They are all based out of Deland, Florida. The owner tries to rig the system by purchasing new numbers with different area codes AND ALSO opens up new companies when other contractors or companies are on to him. THIS IS A SCAM!!! The owner doesn’t pay all of his contractors and if you were paid, you were one of the lucky ones! Working for this company was my worse work experience but definitely paid the bills. Oh Yeah, the owner did pay his employees really well only because he could afford to after scamming innocent contractors! Also, to anyone looking to work here, , DO NOT WORK AT CWI MAINTENANCE!! ESPECIALLY FEMALES! He sexually harasses females and tries to pay for sex with his female workers oh and also offers money to see their breasts. PLEASE EVERYONE PASS THE WORD ON! THIS GUY DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE IN BUSINESS!

kaley Worked at CWI and tells ya what she knows:

I worked for this Company for over 2 yrs. I worked in accounting. This office is this organized, lacks responsibility, refuses to pay contractors. owner JAMES PARRISH constantly displays racism, hostile work environment and sexual harassment. There are multiple nicknames for this Company MJP, G&M, HILLSIDE, and MANY OTHERS. New names at constantly being created to throw you off. JAMES IS THE OWNER that will never change. FRANK is the manager and has been for YEARS. James sexually harassed me and other females, also offered me thousands of dollars just to see my boobs. James the owner is ex military and was dishonorably discharged. I can only imagine why. This man should be behind bars BEWARE!

Just recently only days weeks ago they hit this poor guy!

We installed plywood for board up at a harbor freight at Melbourne Florida, when the storm Matthew hit Florida on October and I have not received payment from cwi maintenance, stay away from this company they don’t pay its being 3 months and not payment now after seeing all the complaints it’s hard to believe they were an eligible company.


Have you been contacted by this company or done business with them??? Leave a comment and help others! 


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