Big Easy Lockout Kit By Steck Manufacturing

Review Of The BigEasy Locksmith Tool Kit

If you are a locksmith then you have no doubt heard of or use the Big Easy lockout kit by Steck. If you do not use their kit I am sure you have one like it. Locksmith Profits has been in the locksmith and lockout industry for over 15 years and here is our review of the BIG EASY KIT.

The Big Easy is one of the most used tools in our locksmith tool bag! We have used the Big Easy Kit literally thousands of times and we will most likely use it thousands of more times. Honestly, I could earn $100,000.00 per year with just this kit and my knowledge of locksmith marketing (with a lot of hustle)! This is the #1 tool I use as a locksmith – my first Big Easy Kit made me over $20,000.00 in a few short months!

Here is what you get in the BigEasy Lockout Tool Kit:


    1. BigEasy Classic – pole also known as a reach pole or reach rod – This is the tool you would slide inside the door to manipulate lock buttons, grab door handles, pull up locks, and more. The pole is coated in a plastic like coating that will wear off after a lot of use. We have to replace our poles every 3-4 months because the paint/plastic coating will rub off in some cases. Don’t worry about this problem it means you are making money! The very tip of the pole has a 90 degree angle (L Shape) with a rubber plastic like  tip that slides on it to help grip and grab. Without this tip it becomes difficult to use the reach pole in most cases. One problem is the kit only comes with one tip and these tips can tear and wear out. One thing that will help is when you get your kit pull the tip off and apply a small amount of glue to help keep it in place as it can slid off in tight spaces. It would be a friendly gesture if steck manufacturing would include an extra tip or 2 in their kits. They are hard to find for replacement parts. (STECK PLEASE CONTACT US ABOUT US BUYING A FEW HUNDRED OR A THOUSAND TIPS).


    1. The Easy (AIR) Wedge – This is the Air wedge/Pump/Air Jack that is included with the BigEasy kit – It will get the job done and works pretty good. This wedge is sort of lower in quality than I like and although I have used this wedge and it works fine, I upgraded to a different more durable stronger wedge myself. The wedge they include in the kit works and will get the job done. You use this by sliding it in between the door and the car body and pumping the door open just enough to make room to slide the Reach Pole or other tools in to unlock the car.


    1. Non Marring Wedge – Damn I love this Wedge – Be careful not to lose it! The kit comes with one and you would be wise to buy a spare. These are very handy for many uses as a locksmith and it will separate a door (make a gap) in a car door SAFELY with ease and without damage! I have left this tool behind many times because I had a bad habit of placing this tool on top of cars after using it. Protip: Stick it in your pocket after use or use the hole in it to tie a loop of bright colored rope to make it more visible.  – You can also use this tool other ways! I use it to pry open home doors to bypass locks and on french doors to gap them open to bypass locks. GET A SPARE ONE!


  1. Lock knob Lifter – Wow what an invention – So simple yet so effective. This bad boy simply slide in the door opening you make with the wedge and pump – Then loop over or around a knob to easily lift it up – I love these – The will break over time – Cold weather adds to the breakage problem. The plastic will get weathered and break eventually – Get ready to buy a new one within a few months or just buy 2 or 3 spares. YOU WILL MAKE MONEY WITH THIS ONE – AND YOU WILL USE IT!

My Overall Experience with the BigEasy Lockout Kit by Steck manufacturing has been very good and this is a must have kit for ALL locksmiths. I have not been compensated for this review however I would take payment in the form of spare tips for the reach pole!  


What do you think about the BigEasy lockout tool kit? Leave a comment and let EVERYONE know!

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