Where Is Best Place To Buy Bump Keys Online?

As a locksmith you might want to have a nice set of bump keys in your arsenal. Buying bump keys online can get confusing with so many places “offering bump keys”. Buyer beware! You DO NOT want to buy just any bump key set you see online. You might end up buying a cheap low quality alloy key that will not work well or will not be a lasting purchase. Clean cuts, strong keys, proper depth cuts, and a good bump key “hammer” is what you need. A cheap price is what you want. there used to be a lot of bump keys on ebay (They Banned The Sale Of Bump Keys A While Back On Ebay).

Here is a list of websites that offer Bump Keys For Sale. Since I have not actually purchased from them. I will explain why or why not buy from them based off of other buyer feedback and what I learn about them online. If your company sells bump keys and you are mentioned here and want a more detailed review of your locksmith products you can send us test products that will be tested and reviewed by experienced locksmiths and “Bumpers”.

BumpKey.us Providing Bump Keys for over 10 Years



The moment I landed on BumpKey.us I felt comfortable with them since they are in their 10th year of business online. It was refreshing to see a contact us page with an address and phone number. After calling the toll free number several times, it continues to direct me back to their website for support and does not accept Voicemail. They may keep short phone hours or offer online support only? The address listed on their contact page seems to be a mailbox service like a packaging store. When I dug a but deeper I found that BumpKey.Us has 27 Complaints filed with the BBB and 22 of the complaints are because people never got their order!  The BBB.org has the owners name listed at  James Koskela.

Toll Free: (800) 381-8709
A C T Lock and Key
913 North Beal Parkway
Suite A #124
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547

AceHackWare.com – Bump Keys Offered and Other Products.


AceHackWare: ACE Hackware is the brainchild of long-time penetration tester and hacking countermeasures instructor Taylor Banks, with the help and support of a close-knit group of hackers and friends who’ve spent their careers performing security assessments, penetration tests, physical security audits and social engineering gigs. (Source shopperapproved.com)

After researching online for a bit we found mixed reviews about AceHackware. There are many good reviews and some that seem a little formulated and many that seem organic in nature. They seem safe to shop with and will deliver what you order. Some of the negative or not so flattering reviews out there direct their concerns toward a couple of shipping issues (Never arrived Fedex), Missing A Key or 2 in orders of sets, Keys cut uneven and not accurately, and many reporting the Bump Keys Do Not Work (this is mostly human error im sure). Our research would indicate “AHW” may be a safe place to buy a beginner set of bump keys. I would give them 3 out of 5 stars. If I had a test batch of their bump keys and whatever bump hammer they sell I could be more specific. While it is not my “top pick” I would not rule them out just yet.

Have You Purchased From AceHackware – Share your experience – Leave A Comment Below!


BumpMyLock.com – Bump Keys – Picks – And More



BumpMyLock.com offers bump keys, bump hammers, and other lock picking tools. Their website is powered by BigCommerce.com ( a place you pay to build your own online store and host it). The website is registered at GoDaddy and the owner of BumpMyLock uses the private/anonymous registration services.

At a glance it looks like they have good prices and a lot of options to choose from. They even carry the Brockhage Bump Hammer  (One Of My Favorites). I have never ordered from these guys and honestly would love to review their keys for them. I a hesitant to order because of the online complaints I discovered while researching them. They not only have a poor rating at the BBB for not shipping and no customer service, they also have a plethora of online complaints listed on the first page of Google. I have included a snippet of what I saw when I Googled their name (BumpMyLock Complaints).


I would beware when ordering from them. I tried to reach them by phone without success to give them the chance to put my  concerns to rest. Have you ordered from them before or have something you can add to this information? Please leave a comment below.

LockPickWorld.com Bump Keys For the UK



Avoid For Now If You Need Bump Keys For USA Locks

LockPickWorld.com has a nice selection of lock picks and other lock picking tools. The bump key selection appears to be all UK Bump Keys. If you are in the USA they offer free shipping for orders over $60. Their returns address is in FL in the USA but I think their primary market is the UK/Europe. This may not be the bet place to buy bump keys if you are in the USA. i do not see many bump keys designed for our most common keyways or lock brands. If they offer USA bump keys I would like to know and would love to test them out so I could make a more educated opinion about what they offer. For now I would say they are more geared toward UK customers when it pertains to Bump Keys.  Have you ordered from them before or have something you can add to this information? Please leave a comment below.

Lockpicks.com (Brockhage) Sells Bump Keys and Bump Hammers (And Much More)



LockPicks.com has a pretty good online reputation with very few if any negative reviews about their operation. LockPicks.com is affiliated directly with Brockhage Corp. (A well Known company.) They offer a Bump Key Package on their website and the Brockhage bump hammers (2 options). Their website is secure and I would order from them on the trust factor. I have not tested their bump keys (I would love a test set to create a video review). I have tried a Brockhage Bump Hammer and they are awesome. So in my opinion LockPicks.com is a safe place to buy bumpkeys. Not the cheapest option but you get what you pay for. I gave them 4 stars because I have never tested or inspected their bump key sets (Contact us for a test and video review)

In Their own words (Source: http://www.lockpicks.com/about-us): LockPicks.com is now in its 18th year of operation. We are proud to have a group of loyal customers from all over the world who have been with us since the very beginning. We would like to thank our customers for their support.

LockPicks.com is the direct sales arm of BROCKHAGE Locksmith Tools® (a division of Brockhage Corporation).

The company began in 1997 by providing U.S. made tools to locksmith schools and distributors overseas. We also sold tools direct to locksmiths through this website. The company soon began importing select useful tools from around the world and distributing these tools in the U.S., direct and through other distributors. In 2000, we introduced our own line of tools branded, BROCKHAGE®.

Today, BROCKHAGE® tools have become well known worldwide for their quality, endurance, and effectiveness. At the same time, LockPicks.com is becoming more and more well known in the U.S. as a great source for hard to find along with some of the most commonly found locksmith supplies.

BumpSchool101.com Offers Bump Keys / Hammers / Education




BumpSchool101.com Advertises heavily online offering bump key sets and bump hammers. Their address is a mailbox store (Proxy Address) which is not uncommon for some web based or home based businesses. I contacted them VIA email a while back without a response about ordering a text order from them so we could review their service and bump keys. The phone number has a generic voicemail greeting (robot) and they have not answered the phone 5 times that we tried to call them. I do not see and major complaints about them on Google  which is a good sign. I see some chatter about them on forums but nothing alarming.

I give them 3 stars and would give them more if they had responded to me or shown some type of human activity behind their anonymous addresses, domain registration, and phone number. I would love to test their products and give them a full product review and video review.

Have you ordered fro BumpSchool101.com? Leave a Comment and let us know how it went.

Do you sell bump keys or know of a website that should be reviewed or on this list? Are you on this list and want to reach out to us or have us review a set of your basic keys and service. Contact Us.

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