A Georgia locksmith made a shocking discovery when he unlocked woman’s car.

A Georgia locksmith made a shocking discovery when he unlocked woman’s car.


According to 11Alive and Mad World News, Volley Collins from Ace Lock & Safety was called to unlock a car door for 18-year-old Grace An. She allegedly locked herself out of her car by accident.


However, the call was not actually placed by An, but by a concerned resident of the area who became suspicious when An began knocking on doors in the neighborhood, asking to borrow a phone to call the locksmith.

When Collins arrived at the scene and unlocked the car door, he says he heard an unusual sound coming from the back seat. He shined his flashlight on the back of the car and didn’t see anything until he looked at the floor of the car. That’s when he made a disturbing discovery — An’s 16-month-old son was taped up with cellophane packing tape and left on the car floor.

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