The Worst A-1 Manufacturing Security Plug Spinner Reverse Tool #26

I work as a locksmith every day and I pick a few locks on houses each week and decided to break down and order a new plug spinner or plug reverse tool to try out. I wanted to stay budget friendly so I found a $25 plug reverse tool on ebay made by A-1 MFG (A-1 Manufacturing/Security) called the #26! After using it I came to wonder if the 26 represented how many times you could use it before it quits working. What a waste of time and money! Ordering this tool was a bad idea, I do not recommend this tool at all.


Check out my little video rant about the #26 A-1 MFG Plug Reverse tool below


Pros and Cons

Pro: None
Cons: design flaws, Weak, Cheap, Awkward, Ineffective, Bad Spring, cheap Parts, Paint Flakes, Bends or Bent parts, sucks




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