5 Fresh Locksmith Marketing Ideas

Fresh Locksmith Marketing Tips for 2017!


The mobile Locksmith and Locksmith industry can be pretty saturated in many areas and standing out from your competition is a must. Getting your phone to ring before theirs is a challenge. Here are 5 fresh locksmith marketing ideas that will help you.



Giveaway Pens – Promotional products are great and Ink Pens are the best! They have a long life and a pretty good circulation if you put them in the right places. Step one is order you some pens! Pens.com is a great place to order basic pens and they will invoice you with your order so you can get your product before you pay! Step 2 is to get the pens in the right places and hands. Give 10-20 pens each to your local supermarkets like Walmart, Kroger, Grocery Stores, Banks, Gas Stations, Hotels, Malls, and anywhere that has a lot of traffic. Give them to any and all of your customers. This will generate calls frequently and help you brand your name in the area. It works I guarantee it.

Your Competitors Will Give You Business

Do not look at our competition as an enemy! The can make you money! Type us a simple email or letter and send it to ALL of your competitors. Tell them that you realize you are competitors in the same area but you wanted to introduce yourself and let them know what areas of work you specialize in. Tell them you will be referring them calls when you are busy and that you would love to help them anytime they need it as well. This method goes a long way. Do not be shy – Let them know you are human and need more work!

Cheap drop and go business cards

Buy some cheap business cards from a place like staples online “design your own” system. You can go online a design a card and pick them up the same day at your local staples office store. Buy 1000 cards to start and literally blanket your service area in them. Make a goal of placing or passing out and dropping the entire 1000 cards in 14 days. You will be amazed at how many calls this can generate you. This is no time to be lazy literally drop them places you frequent.

Invest 30 Minutes Every Day In Networking

Network VIA Email and facebook with other local businesses and let them know you are available as an emergency locksmith to their customers and will offer speedy or discounted service for anyone calling from their location. This works well when you network with malls, retail outlets, strip malls, shopping centers, grocery stores, department stores, Motels & Hotels (Great Place To Start), and more. Use a basic letter of introduction and tell them it costs them nothing to refer you business but will mean everything to their customers that they found a solution for them. 

Top Secret Tip – Call the Police!

Go by your local police station and get on the list! That is right, your local police has a list of locksmiths they use and refer out to citizens. Contact them VIA phone first and find out who to talk to. Ask a local officer if you know one and get your foot in the door! They produce a lot of business for locksmiths and you might make a friend in Blue!



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